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FAQ on recent academic trend in Japan
By e-mail through the Internet, I have often received questions on modern Japanese trend of parapsychology and qigong research. However, it is difficult to show whole Japanese situation by only e-mail. Therefore, I published articles dealing with Japanese studies. (See Situation, 1990's Study and Concept of qi). I would wish that those articles help you to understand contemporary Japanese movement of research on anomalous phenomena.

Other Materials
Next pages show English materials and a movie of brain blood flow during clairvoyance by a Russian psychic healer (T004). The movie needs Windows Media Player. Materials are lecture notes, a report on poltergiest, a review on anomalous bio-magnetism, etc.
Current Study
(Revised on August 8, 2011)
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  News [December 28th, 2015]

A publisher is printing my new English book now!
My cucumber experiments are compiled into this book.

It is entitled as "Ki or Psi - Anomalous Remote Effects of Mind-Body System: Biophysical Approach to Unknown Power".

Chapter 1 Concept of Ki and Bio-Sensors
Chapter 2 Research on Ki Using Bio-Sensors
Chapter 3 How to Use Cucumber as a Bio-Sensor
Chapter 4 Biophoton and Fluorescence Measurement Methods
Chapter 5 Brief History of Japanese Studies